Top Five Books

Here are some of our top books.

Our top five books

These are the book’s that are top of the list.

  1. Swallows and Amazons.
  2. Captain Underpants.
  3. The Midnight Gang.
  4. How to Hold a Crocodile.
  5. Whinee the Pooh.

Swallows and Amazons is a great book about adventure and exploring, and about sailing and chilldren discovering a island. I would give it a five star review. I would suggest it to kids aged 9-16.

Captain Underpants is a funny and goofy childrens book where two kids hipnotise their head master and turn him into a super hero. I would rate it four and a half stars. I would suggest it to kids aged 5-12.

The Midnight Gang is a lovely story about kids having adventures in a hospital ward. I would rate it five stars. I would suggest it to chilldren aged 6-15.

How to hold a crocodile is a brilliant guide book that tells you how to do all sorts of stuff. I would rate it four and a half stars.

This is defeniately the best book of all time, this is about a bear called Whinne the Pooh he has loads of beautiful adventures with his wonderful freinds, such as Piglet, Eyore, Tigger, Owl, kanga, Roo, and Rabbit .

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